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About Us

| Eric Canada | Tammy Mair | Monika Mardula | Joe Raso |

There are many definitions of economic development. We define economic development as "increasing the flow of capital into a community and the circulation of capital within the community."

Founded in 1983 by Nancy Blane, Blane Canada Ltd. has used this definition to narrow our focus and define our service menu for government, economic development corporations, chambers of commerce, and public utility clients. Long ago, we recognized we could not service all economic development clients. Like good marketing, we knew focus was crucial. We narrowed our focus to three areas:

  • Marketing, internal and external marketing strategies, plans, and training.
  • Business Retention and Expansion, strategies, plans, and training.
  • Software tools for business retention and collaboration on marketing and business retention.

By focusing, Blane, Canada Ltd. has established a national reputation for personal commitment to clients and their causes. Drawing on experience gained from front line economic development positions, client assignments, as well as independent primary research, Blane, Canada Ltd. has provided professional leadership with an impressive number of ground breaking contributions to economic development.

  • Published Economic Development: Marketing for Results! Best selling book.
  • Awarded Roepke Award, "the most significant contribution to economic development literature," for Locked in the Twilight Zone: Business Retention Fails the Strategic Value test
  • Raised the bar on BR|E with Synchronist Business Information System® Business retention software.
    • Best in Class and Special Judges Award, American Economic Development Council, now International Economic Development Council for the Synchronist System software.
  • Created the first, and they remain the only, advanced courses in economic development for:
  • Co-founder "Engage: A Meeting of Peers" Annual by-invitation only event for 25 of the best CEOs in economic development
  • Established first and only Key Performance Indicators for BR|E, truly objective SWOT analysis capabilities
  • Created Competitive Capacity Scorecard®








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