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Free Resources

Blane, Canada Ltd.’s client work and products are built on a rich tradition of on-going primary research. These findings are used extensively to add value to client assignments. However, much of what we learn is broadly distributed to benefit the profession as demonstrated by some of our published research and articles.


SharkProof Marketing™ Plan
What's a Gazelle?
Marketing Tips and Tricks
Economic Impact of a Broken Economy
Newsletter Quote Search

Business Retention and Expansion

The Missing Link: A Vision for Retention and Expansion
Rocketing Out of the Twilight Zone
Untapped Potential: Business Retention in Portfolio Management
Locked in the Twilight Zone: Business Retention Fails the Strategic   Value Test! (Updated)
Workforce Health: Emerging Challenges Face Workforce
Home Field Advantage: Positioning and Marketing an R&E Program
Importance of Retention and Expansion
Step-by-Step Business Retention Survey Evaluation

BR|E: "Synergizing" Service Delivery, UNC Research Report
Break the Habit: Branding Strategies for Business Retention







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“It is fantastic to finally meet you. I studied all of your papers while attending University of Mississippi’s Economic Development masters program. I feel like I have known you for years.” TX
“I have used your article on ‘community leadership mapping’ in my Economic Development Institute (EDI) course for years.” CT

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