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Economic Development Marketing Letter

Our purpose is straight forward, add value by:

  • Challenging the economic development profession to new and better heights
  • Encouraging non-traditional approaches
  • Providing tips, tricks, tools, and resources

Blane, Canada Ltd.'s "Kiplinger" style newsletter gives economic development and chamber executives short, meaty bullets of practical advice, references, resources, and book reviews. Editors raise questions for consideration, then share reader comments. Eclectic and off-beat entries offer non-traditional viewpoints to help readers shift or challenge accepted perspectives.

Surreal experience... It happens with ever greater frequency, yet it is very difficult to get used to. It happened twice at a recent IEDC conference. Two individuals in different settings quoted our ED Marketing Letter to support their points. We also get e-mail notes from readers about how they leveraged info from the Letter to win a board decision or others who wish they had taken advice shared in ED Marketing Letter. However you use it, THANK YOU for being a loyal reader and recommending Blane, Canada Ltd.'s Economic Development Marketing Letter to others.

Sample Economic Development Marketing Letter

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"Get me on your e-mail list. I feel deprived. Everyone talks about your newsletter and I don't get it. Please put me on the list." TX
“I get bombarded with e-Newsletters and most get deleted, but I wanted to let you know that yours is one I always try and make time to read. Well done and keep up the good work.” OH
“Thanks for the newsletter. You keep me in touch and challenge me to think about issues from a different perspective.” ON
"Getting your newsletter every month... is like having a professional coach who reminds me of what's important, and it teaches me subtle nuances so that I can sharpen my game. And I'm damn good at what I do! But never so good that I don't want to learn something new every day." FL

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