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Products & Services

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What It Is

The Synchronist Business Information System® bundles advanced business retention strategies, sophisticated interview design, assistance tracking/service delivery management, competitive intelligence, intranet and database technology (software), BR|E resource library, and a community of committed users all working together to maximize the value of their BR|E investment.

What It Does

The Synchronist System’s on-line software (Intranet) provides
the information organization, management, analysis, and
reporting tools needed to:

  • Identify expansion opportunities, companies at risk, as well
    as company and community problems.
  • Build relationships and insure service delivery to existing businesses.
  • Free the economic developer from the back room to maximize time meeting with business executives.

Synchronist System provides insight and documentation to impact decision-making and resource allocation within the organization, partner organizations, and the community.

Defining Synchronist

Psychiatrist Carl Jung coined the term “synchronicity” to underscore what he regarded as the power of meaningful coincidences.

The Synchronist System leverages this phenomenon. By using carefully crafted and proven interview questions as well as a sophisticated design, Synchronist greatly magnifies the odds in favor of these meaningful coincidences.

The second dimension of Synchronist is it’s predictive capacity. By incorporating a patented predictive model, Synchronist users have the best of all possible worlds: the benefit of meaningful coincidences and predictive intelligence at their finger tips.


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"Synchronist is an amazingly intuitive software product for economic development that is easy to use.  It has become so versatile over the years and works extremely well for small rural communities as well as regional metropolitan groups.  One thing has not changed, and that is the excellent customer service from Blane, Canada!"
Synchronist is an entirely new approach to business retention. Helps, saves, and problem identification are only the beginning. Synchronist delivers on these traditional goals and raises the bar with an objective business assessment, community economic profile, and predictive information.
Synchronist does not automate the process of documenting the past.

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