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Seminars & Webinars

Physics of Marketing Advanced Business Retention Webinars

Potential… What is potential?

  • Capable of being but not yet in existence (adj.)
  • Inherent ability or capacity for growth and development (n.)

What is your potential?

What is the potential of your staff, partners, or volunteers?
Tapping potential requires broad exposure to many points of view.

Blane, Canada Ltd.’s seminars and webinars draw on our experience as well as the experience of some of the top professionals in economic development… to share knowledge, challenge traditional thinking, and test new concepts and ideas.

Let us help you develop potential.










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Knowledge & Ideas Exchange
"Now I know why Dan was SO passionate about my attending Physics of Marketing. Having had your training, Dan knew this is exactly what I needed for the situation my community is in.“ NH
“You guys are great. You are always coming up with new ways to help us do our jobs better.” TN



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