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Speaking and Training

Economic Development Blane, Canada Ltd. Marketing Economic Development Blane, Canada Ltd. Sales Training Economic Development Blane, Canada Ltd. Business Retention Training Economic Development Blane, Canada Ltd. Speaking and Training Clients

Our Approach

An accomplished author and trainer, Eric Canada creates and presents customized marketing training courses designed specifically for clients. He has developed and presented workshops, courses, faculty assignment, and keynote speeches based on his:

Books, Published and Proprietary Research

  • Economic Development: Marketing for Results!
  • Marketer's Planning Guide
  • Practices and Preferences: Marketing Best Practices
  • Locked in the Twilight Zone: Business Retention Fails the Strategic Value Test!
  • Rocket Out of the Twilight Zone

Best Practice Research

  • Detailed analysis of the top state BR|E Programs
  • Managing an international BR|E incubator
  • Assessment of over 50 of the top regional marketing organizations

Participants have had strong, positive reactions. There are four reasons for this strong reaction: enthusiasm, content, presentation, and fun.

  • Leadership/investors
  • Economic development professionals
  • Community leaders
  • Staff
Custom Participant’s Workbooks

Every training course and workshop is supported by a custom participant’s workbook and handouts. These workbooks connect the user to the material long after the session. Plus, your logo and name on the cover strongly reinforces value delivered to partners.


Eric Canada can kick off a program with energy, enthusiasm, and a theme designed to align the components of a conference agenda and underscore the value proposition for participants.


Agenda design and time management are the core of effective workshop training. Eric Canada has created and managed hundreds of workshops on marketing and business retention for basics to advanced topics covering 2 hours or two-days.

We frequently create custom exercises and/or role-playing to help participants integrate new thinking, test knowledge, practice skills, and connect to peers.

Panel Discussion

Working as part of a group, Eric Canada can provide a focused message coordinated with those of other panelists or engage in a spirited debate to bring out points and counterpoints to engage an audience in thoughtful deliberation.


Leverage Blane, Canada’s experience with over one-hundred webinars in the past two years to deliver valuable training at extremely low costs via webinar technology.

Our hard-hitting content, effective visuals, and enthusiasm have been refined to avoid the dull, flat presentations common in this medium... delivering a great ROI for clients.



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“I’ve heard Eric speak three times already and I come back because he always has fresh information.” VA
"The class we had in Charlotte under your guidance was truly a delight, as I am sure many have commented. Fluor was kind enough to send me to many, many seminars, but yours had the most energy, enthusiasm and emotion of those I have attended. Amazing, isn't it, how those few words can apply to so much! I will remember those two classes above all others." SC

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